How to Boost Your Grocery Store's Confectionery Sales in a Health-Conscious Age

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If confectionery sales are dwindling at your grocery store, it should come as no surprise. Today's consumers are more health-conscious than ever, and rightly so. Of course, most people still enjoy indulging in lollies and chocolates every once in a while, so there's no need for your profits to suffer. Here are 3 ways to keep your confectionery sales high while respecting your customers' new healthy lifestyle choices.

Offer Combo Deals

One great way to sell more lollies in your shop is to offer a 'combo' deal: buy a sweet treat and a healthy snack together at a reduced price. For example, how about offering customers a free apple with every chocolate bar, or a half-price bag of lollies when they buy a pouch of carrot sticks? This can relieve the guilt customers often feel when buying sweets, allowing them to buy the treats they want without remorse. In addition, parents are more likely to say yes to their child's confectionery demands if they can negate the sugar with something nutritious. Such combo deals can also improve perceptions of your shop by showing customers that you care about healthy eating as much as they do. 

Sell Specialist Candy

Some grocery shop owners avoid selling typical sugar-free lollies and sweets marketed as 'healthy', as customers tend to expect them to taste bad. However, many of today's consumers are on the lookout for 'specialist' types of confectionery that meet their dietary choices: such as vegan, gluten-free, and lactose-free, to name a few. Stocking lollies and chocolates that are suitable for these diets is another way to encourage health-conscious buyers to treat themselves without feeling bad. Best of all, these types of candies tend to have positive associations, avoiding the negative perceptions many buyers have of classic 'healthy sweets'. You can contact confectionery suppliers to find different specialist options.

Focus on Small Sweets

Many shop owners rely on checkout confectionery displays to encourage impulse buys. If you're one of these shops, you may have opted to display larger multi-packs in the past to maximise revenue. However, when it comes to selling chocolate and lollies to health-focused customers, you might have more luck lining your displays with small bars and bags. Most healthy eaters know that any food is okay in moderation, so a moderate-sized treat is a far more appealing last-minute purchase than a big pack of calories and sugar. While multi-packs may earn you more per sale, you'll be able to sell individual pieces to many more nutrition-conscious consumers.

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